IxChel Mayan Jaguar Moon Goddess

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Meet #IxChel, Mayan jaguar moon🌙 #goddess of #fertility, #midwifery and medicine, her temple is located at #IslaMujeres, Mexico. Jungian psychology sees these archetypes as the “collective unconscious” and “models” that contain elements we aspire to possess. IxChel represents the “mother” within us, the source of the ultimate creative power of the universe, infinite wisdom, and life force! Mother archetypes show us the ultimate essence of creativity, procreation, and the divine with in. Only by reclaiming the energy and power💪🏽of the “mother” can we start healing our individual and collective consciousness …#madretierra #indigenous #latino #indigenouspeople #neverforget #spirituality #enlightenment #knowledgeispower #visitmexico #yogini #naturalbeauty #indigo #jung

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