Trauma Replay

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“if the elements of the trauma are replayed again and again, the accompanying stress hormones engrave those memories even more deeply into the mind. Ordinary, day-to-day events become less and less compelling. Not being able to deeply take in what is going on around us makes it impossible to feel fully alive. It becomes harder to feel the joys aggravations of ordinary life, harder to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Not being fully alive in the present keeps us more firmly imprisoned in the past” excerpt from #thebodykeepsthescore by Dr. Van der Kolk (p. 67) Art by #geneszafran . Trauma-focused psychotherapy is ONE of many ways to work on healing trauma. For most women it requires a combination of psychotherapy, nutrition, supplements, biofeedback, good sleep, meditation, yoga, martial arts, nature, spirituality/religion, medication, energy healing (e.g. Reiki), massages, work-life balance, community involvement, support of family/friends, self-help books/blogs/podcasts, and the list goes on and on! You can start anywhere and allow your intuition to guide YOU…one step at a time. Healing trauma is a journey…a work-in-progress! . . . . . #innerchild #selflove #healing #mentalhealth #spirituality #relationships #yoga #yogini #mindfulness #selfawareness #innerchildwork #awakening #healingjourney #complexptsd #holistic #higherconsciousness #cptsdrecovery #meditation #healyourself #ptsd #cptsd #health #traumahealing #complextrauma

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