On Healing Through Ceremony, Dance, Art & Mayan Yoga” with Itzpapalotl from Child of Venus


This episode is with the wonderful Itzpapalotl from Child of Venus. She is a jewelry designer, ceremonial danzante, and Mayan yoga teacher. In this episode, Itzpapalotl shares about her healing journey and the paths she has taken for empowerment/reclamation on her ancestral medicine. She specifically talks about  reconnecting with her heritage through the Mexica and Mayan tradition and via these healing practices. She shares her story on how she discovered Yok’Hah which is known as Mayan yoga.  This yoga approach opened the door, not only to her own healing, but also to helping others heal through ancestral rememberance. I do want to apologize for some audio issues,  some parts cut off as we were having some connection difficulties during the recording.

Disclaimer: This podcast episode does not treat or diagnose any physical or mental health condition. This episode does not substitute for health care or mental health services of any kind. Guests have a right to share their opinion and perspective and this does not constitute an endorsement of them or any entity they represent.

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