• Sexual, emotional, and physical abuse in childhood.
  • Sexual violence.
  • Interrupted or traumatic attachment in infancy/childhood.

I help you process and heal from your childhood traumas by helping you tap into those deeply rooted unconscious & conscious memories.

Traumatic Memories…ARE NOT ALWAYS “memories” they can also show up as:

-Distressing and intrusive ideas and/or thoughts.

-Direct flashbacks that leave you completely overwhelmed!

-Memory lapses during childhood and/or general amnesia.


-Physical symptoms and/or diseases.

-Deep intuitive hunches that something happened even if you don’t know exactly what.

-Depression and severe Anxiety.

Regardless of how your childhood trauma shows up, I can help you!

With my help, we peel each layer to connect with the Wiser Part within you.

Connecting to this Part within you finally gives you the clarity & healing to break free from the emotional, psychological, and physical shackles of your childhood trauma.