Let’s start healing.

I help you to process and finally heal from your childhood traumas by helping you tap into those deeply rooted unconscious AND conscious memories!

Traumatic Memories…ARE NOT ALWAYS “memories” they can also show up as:

-Distressing and intrusive ideas and/or thoughts.

-Direct flashbacks that leave you completely overwhelmed!

-Memory lapses during childhood and/or general amnesia.


-Physical symptoms and/or diseases.

-Deep intuitive hunches that something happened even if you don’t know exactly what.

-Depression and severe Anxiety.

Regardless of HOW your childhood trauma shows up, I can help you!

With my guided help, we peel each layer to connect with the Wiser Part within YOU.

This is the Part that holds the MEDICINE you need!

Connecting to this Part within you FINALLY gives you the clarity & healing to brake free from the emotional, psychological and physical shackles of your childhood trauma!

Are you ready to start healing?

Lets determine the BEST approach to change your LIFE!

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