At Inner Healing Paths Podcast, we discuss the healing of the mind, body, and soul via a variety of different paths. We have emotional and spiritually minded conservations centering on ancestral healing, psychology, astrology, yoga, meditation, magic, energy healing, arts, and indigenous spirituality/healing of the world. Hosted by mental health therapist Rosa Shetty, LCSW. Episodes are free-flowing conversations with a diverse group of guests.


#84. On Grief, Loss, & Surrender: Solo Episode Inner Healing Paths Podcast

***Trigger warning: In this episode I share about pregnancy loss. This is my most vulnerable episode. The goal is to open up about my experience and my journey in navigating a very challenging 2023. I share what has helped me cope and process difficult times. I also read a brief excerpt by Buddhist philosopher Thích Nhất Hạnh from his book "No Death, No Fear" which fundamentally changed me. Take a listen!  Please feel free to send me an email at rosa.c.shetty@gmail.com and share healing. trauma related questions, thoughts, to collaborate, and/or nominate yourself or others for this show.   Click here to buy my self-published book "INNER CHILD MEDITATION JOURNAL: 21-Day Guide to Connect With Your Inner Child Daily"   Disclaimer: This podcast episode does not treat or diagnose any physical or mental health condition. This episode does not substitute for health care or mental health services of any kind. 
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